The Physics of Vibration and Wave
(sixth edition)
H. J. Pain
John Wiley & Sons
Introduction to Electrodynamics
(third edition)
David J. Griffiths
Prentice Hall
Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems
(seventh edition)
William E. Boyce,
Richard C. DiPrima
John Wiley & Sons
HTML in 10 Simple Steps or Less
Robert J. Fuller,
Laurie Ann Ulrich
John Wiley & Sons
Astronomy Principles and Practice
(fourth edition)
A. E. Roy,
D. Clarke
Institute of Physics Publishing
The Origin and Evolution of Cosmic Structure
(second edition)
Peter Coles,
Francesco Lucchin
John Wiley & Sons
Radiation Oncology in Physics
E. B. Podgorsak
International Atomic Energy Agency
An Introduction to Computational Physics
(second edition)
Tao Pang
A Heat Transfer Textbook
(third edition)
John H. Lienhard IV,
John H. Lienhard V
Phlogiston Press
Challenges in Geometry
Christopher J. Bradley
Fundamentals of Fluids Mechanics
(fourth edition)
Munson Young Okiishi
John Wiley & Sons
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
A. C. Phillips
John Wiley & Sons
Thermodynamics And Statistical Mechanics
Greiner W. Stoocker
Tutorial Praktis Belajar Matlab
Teguh Widiarsono
Kalkulus Dasar
rev 1.0
Sunkar E. Gautama
Paradoks Softbook Publisher
Teori Relativitas dan Kosmologi
Rinto Anugraha
Universitas Gadjah Mada


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